Top 5 Notable UDel Alumni


Many now-famous individuals have passed the iron gate at UDel (flickr)

College is a scary place full of doubts and terrors. Questions strike you in the middle of the night, jolting you upright in bed as you hit your head on your roommate’s bunk above you (and scaring him awake in the process): Do I live in the dorms or find University of Delaware off-campus housing? Did I choose the right university? Should I just drop out and become a waiter at Chili’s down the street?

If you’re attending the University of Delaware, don’t put on your server apron just yet. You’re in the right place, and it might help to know that hundreds of notable people asked themselves the same questions when they were in your shoes. Take a look at some of the many UDel success stories below to help calm your creeping college woes.

Joe Biden

Does he really need an introduction? The former Vice President and U.S. Senator makes national headlines now, but a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Joe was donning a robe and turning his tassel at Delaware. Surprisingly enough, another UDel graduate, David Plouffe, ran Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and acted as the president’s senior advisor in office. With so many notable politicians in its roster of alumni, the question remains: which current Delaware student will be the next political powerhouse? Maybe you already know them… or maybe it’s you!

Neil Casey

Casey: third from left (flickr)

It’s no secret that degrees in liberal arts are on shaky ground lately (I mean, does anyone really think majoring in Comparative Literature is a good idea?). But that didn’t scare comedy writer and actor Neil Casey from finding success. After graduating with a B.A. in English from Delaware, Casey went on to write for SNL and acted in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters. In between, he’s also taught drama and directed theatre, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Neither should you, UDel students!

Maureen Johnson

525,600 alumni… we know what you’re thinking. Did Maureen Johnson from the infamous musical Rent really graduate from the University of Delaware? The answer is: yes and no. While the fictional Maureen has been busy performing in front of bohemian audiences, the real Maureen Johnson has found success writing Young Adult fiction for children across the US. Since she graduated, Johnson has published a number of New York Times Bestsellers and has co-written books with notable authors such as Sarah Rees Brennan and John Green.

Joe Flacco

You can’t make a UDel notable alumni list without mentioning Joe Flacco. As the Ravens’ starting quarterback since 2008, Flacco has won the AFC North twice and played in three AFC Championship games. Most notably, Flacco led the Ravens to defeat the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII after the 2012 season. With great postseason performances and a notably strong throwing arm, Flacco has given University of Delaware students much to be proud about. Perhaps even more impressive than his career is his generous spirit: just this year, Flacco donated a large sum to the UDel athletics department. In the eyes of Delaware alums, he will forever be elite.

Chris Christie

Believe it or not, the former governor of New Jersey once started as a Delaware student. Although his nine-year stint as governor has been controversial, Christie has made a name for himself in politics by foregoing political correctness and strong-arming legislation into law. Christie has been asked to be the running mate of various Republican presidential candidates in the past, but has never accepted. When asked why, he went on record to say: “New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.” Sounds like a lot of college relationships we’ve had.


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