Things To Do In Bloomington While At Indiana University
things to do in bloomington in

At IU, there’s plenty for you to do.

We know Hoosiers have the same problem as everyone else, just in their city. It’s the age old question for a college kid at Indiana University: What are things to do in Bloomington? Summer. Winter. Fall. Spring. It’s a question for all seasons. We’re here to give you a guide. Indiana Unversity and the surrounding Bloomington area has plenty to do all year long.

1. Attend A Basketball Game At Assembly Hall

It seats 17,472 people. It’s housed one of the greatest teams of all time, the undefeated ’76 Hoosiers men’s team. It was the home of college’s most combustible coach. It’s a place opponents dread visiting. Assembly Hall is one of basketball’s most significant arenas. It’s a place that’s seen some of the very best college basketball has to offer, typically from the Hoosiers. Indiana has averaged 12 wins and two losses per season since moving into the hall. The student section experience is one that will leave you worked up for days if you’re there on the right night.

2. Check Out The Little 500

The Little 500 is the largest collegiate bike race in the United States. There’s literally nothing else like it. You’ll be amazed at the speeds that these riders keep while staying in packs. One wrong move and dozens of people could go down. Grab some grub, plop yourself down by a corner and watch these cyclists zoom by.

3. Go to the Quarry

We do not advise heading to the quarry to jump off of it. But we do advise heading to the quarry and hiking around it. The area is beautiful and scenic. This video has lots of people jumping off the quarry, but again WE ADVISE AGAINST THAT. LOOK AT HOW FAR THAT JUMP IS. We’re posting this video because it gives you an idea of what the entire quarry looks like and how beautiful the hike around the amazing limestone quarry in Bloomington can be.

4. Visit The Top Five Bars On Campus

You don’t have to knock this one out in one night. Spread it around. Get your fill at each place. Get to know them. The Indianapolis Sun-Times came out with its top five bars as of this past June. It’s safe to say you’ll be spending a lot of time on Kirkwood. Get to know it.

5. Visit The Museum Of Art

The museum is open to the public until 5:00 P.M. most days and it’s packed with work from legendary artists from around the world. There’s stuff from Picasso, Pollock, Rembrandt, Goya and more. You can get a guided tour and there are frequently guest lectures. Museums are a good thing. It’s good for your brain to see some different stuff. And gettings a picture with the light totem is a classic photo often taken when visitors travel to Indiana University.

6. Live With Your Friends On College Avenue

You won’t regret this. There’s no college experience quite like living with a group of friends. And when you and your friends live on College Avenue, you’ll have access to plenty of good times. Your memory of this whole experience may be a little shaky five or ten years after you move out, but what you do remember, you’ll cherish. Get the housing search started now and view IU apartments .

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