Muncie Apartments and Houses: Ten Top Rated Ball State Landlords
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If you’re just starting to search for a place to live near campus, it can be difficult to figure out which are the best landlords and Muncie apartments near BSU . Searching for an apartment or house to rent can be overwhelming, especially in a college town like Muncie where there are so many options … including some less than stellar ones.

We understand what it means to find the right landlord. Fearing the collapse of your balcony when it rains or patching up holes in the wall during December are hardly anyone’s definition of an ideal living situation. Don’t end up in a bad spot with a neglectful landlord.

Landlords can come in many different forms, whether it’s personal or managed by a company. However, obtaining the title of “a good landlord” isn’t something just anyone can do. Here’s what being a good landlord means to us:

  1. Fixes maintenance issues promptly
  2. Easy to get in contact with
  3. Respects the tenant privacy by giving advanced notice before coming over
  4. Listens to tenant concerns with the property
  5. Knows who is obligated to do what in maintaining the household
  6. Treats residents with respect

Unfortunately, not all landlords abide by these standards and it’s important to differentiate where they fall on the awful to excellent spectrum before signing your lease. This task can be difficult when you’re expected to make a decision whether or not you’re putting down your security deposit after one or two showings.

Before you decide to put down that security deposit, finish your homework and know which landlords have the best reputation.

Ten Top-Rated Muncie Apartments and Management Companies Near Ball State

Campus Edge (Average Rating: 4.8)

Responsive. That’s the word we see used over and over when reviewers give feedback on Campus Edge properties. When tenants have a problem, they reach out to Campus Edge and quickly get feedback and the help they need. That’s the sort of service people want out of a landlord.

Living on a Campus Edge property made my life a lot less stressful! Always answered my calls and emails and the maintenance guys were so sweet and came the same day!

Village Promenade (Average Rating: 3.9)

As the closest property to the BSU campus on this list, Village Promenade is a short walk from the BSU campus, as well as being close to the Village. This property is a melting pot of all of the things college students look for in an off-campus housing source. It’s close to campus, but maintains the social atmosphere of being downtown, it hosts many community events, has an impressive amount of amenities, and features a well-picked, friendly, and knowledgeable staff.

Village Promenade also offers incentives to tenants that are signing for the first time or renewing. Receiving a gift card when moving in might not be a bad way to kick off the year.

“VP is a great place to live. We have difficulties from time to time, but maintenance is usually pretty quick to fix anything that is wrong. VP is in a very convenient location and I love that it comes fully furnished. It’s also really nice how the staff downstairs does things each month for the residents, like free breakfast, coffee, or pizza. It’s a great way to keep the residents happy.” 

Silvertree Communities (Average Rating: 4.6)

It’s no question why the Silvertree Communities is one of the top rated off-campus housing options in the Muncie area. The reviews for Silvertree are flooded with positive comments about how wonderful the staff is. Known for being genuine, friendly, and prompt, the staff goes above and beyond to prove to its tenants that customer service is their number one priority. If you’re looking for a home away from home, Silvertree is exactly the warm and inviting environment you need.

“The office staff are always extremely friendly to me! They know me by name and greet me every time I go in. The utilities available for me (workout room, tanning..) are always clean and ready for use. The one time I needed maintenance done, it was quick and easy to get it taken care of!”

Vie at Muncie (Average Rating: 5.0)

Vie at Muncie seems to have made a change within the past year, and the tenants love it. A new leasing staff was recently brought on, and the comments show nothing but positive regards for the team. This change has obviously had a significant impact on the living environment at Vie. If you’re looking for a supportive management that offers friendly and efficient service, look no further.

“From a newly renovated clubhouse to upgraded interiors and the addition of a 29 seat private shuttle, we strive to provide an unparalleled student lifestyle for millennials,” said Erin Sunderland, Director of Leasing and Marketing of Vie Management. “As a company, our experience is to provide a lifestyle where our student renters receive a convenience where they can call “home.”

“The staff is always so friendly and full of energy each and every day. The clubhouse is a perfect place to hang out with friends to watch the big game or play a game of pool. The in-ground pool is beautiful right behind the leasing office with a hot tub also! Plenty of chairs surround the pool also so it’s never a problem finding one.” 

Applegate in Muncie (Average Rating: 3.4)

Primarily known for its quiet atmosphere, a safe and peaceful community isn’t the only thing Applegate has to offer. The management team provides excellent service by making themselves available to answer or resolve any concerns that tenants may have. The staff prioritizes the experience of its inhabitants. Therefore a maintenance staff is readily available to address issues if needed. If this sounds like the ideal space for you, tours are always welcome to prospective tenants.

I’ve lived here for 8 years and have never had any issues. Maintenance has always been right over when I’ve needed something taken care of. Management has always been helpful in getting issues resolved in a timely manner. I’ve never had any surprise fees on my account. Yes the rent might be a little higher than other places but the apartments are much nicer and the environment is very quiet and convenient for me. I’m proud to say that Applegate is MY home!! And for that I thank you!!”

BSU Cribs (Average Rating: 4.4)

BSU Cribs has tons of houses around Muncie, all pretty close to the Ball State campus. Many residents refer to Rod and his team at BSU Cribs as attentive, pleasant and professional. They’re able to attract a lot of tenants every year and have many re-sign leases due to the volume of properties they have in proximity to campus and the dependable service they provide.

The staff are all very attentive and pleasant to be renting from! They will help you with any question you need to ask. BSU Cribs was patient with my roommates and I when were trying to find the perfect place. I wouldn’t recommend any other place but BSU Cribs!!!

The 400 Apartments (Average Rating: 4.7)

Located near both Ball State University and The Village, you’ll have a short walk to class and home at the end of the night at The 400. Reviewers have complimented both the large bedrooms in addition to the ideal location.

I’ve been here for 3 years in a 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 1 bedroom apartment. Largest apartments I’ve seen closest to campus with the friendliest landlord. I love the 400s!

Best BSU Rentals (Average Rating: 4.8)

One review after the next has flattering things to say about Kate Benson and BSU Rentals. They check all the boxes for top landlords: responsiveness, location, and quick maintenance. BSU Rentals does not lean on their sites and call it a day by any means.

We lucked out and had a great landlord, Kate Benson, as our very first landlord experience. Before we even signed the lease she gave us tips and advice on utilities and other aspects of living off campus. Rent is set up on a website that is really easy to use and way better than mailing in a check. You can pay months in advance or set up Autopay, which worked well for all of the tenants in our house. Probably the best aspect of renting with Best BSU Rentals was the maintenance. If you have anything go wrong with your house you can post a maintenance request on the website and Carl is usually there THE NEXT DAY to fix it, all free of charge. If we weren’t graduating we would definitely rent from Best BSU Rentals again.

Network Property Services (Average Rating: 4.0)

Network manages residential and commercial properties, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cater to the needs of student renters. With affordable properties all around Muncie near Ball State, they’re one of the top resources for students looking for housing rentals near campus.

I just wanted to say that I have been renting here for exactly a year now with Julie as my leasing agent and have been nothing but impressed. I sent them quite a to-do list for my apartment and have been sooooooo impressed with how quickly things are being fixed. I went from having a leak and no bathroom light with an old code on my door to having everything pretty much completed within 48 hours of notifying the complex online. Fantastic people to rent from and couldn’t be happier!

Beacon Hill Muncie (Average Rating: 4.8)

A former Beacon Hill resident recently posted on their Facebook page how dismayed he was that he’d no longer be able to get up each morning and head down to the leasing office for coffee and bagels. It’s the little things that can set apart an apartment community. Beacon Hill does enough of those little things to complement its array of housing options.

“I loved it there at Beacon Hill. The community was great and the area was very centrally located for me to go to school and work. Lots of shopping and places to eat near by. If my job hadn’t moved me out of the area I would still live there today. I would definitely recommend coming to check it out on your own.”

Hopefully, this article will serve as a guide when looking into future Ball State off-campus housing options. Never forget to do your research. Finding the right landlord is as important as finding the right house or apartment. Investing your time in making sure that your landlord is the right fit for you is time that we assure you, will not be wasted.


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