20 Things Every UK Student Needs To Do Before Graduation

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to start making the most of your time at the University of Kentucky. You know that old saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, it also flies when you’re cramming for finals, writing papers, and doing literally all the work for a “group” project.

Whether you’re a Wildcat graduating from UK this semester or in a few years, the last thing that you’ll want to have happen during Troy Bolton’s graduation speech is realize that you don’t have any great (sober) memories from your time at UK.

Don’t freak out – there’s still time to create lasting memories of your time as a Wildcat that you’ll be able to reminisce on in the boring and responsible adult years to come. Check out this list of 20 things to do at UK before you graduate

  1. Take a corny picture with the school mascot
    Think about all the likes you’ll get on your #throwbackthursday in 50 years.
  2. Attend all (or most) of the K Week activities
    Not only is it fun, but participating in K Week is a great way to make the transition from “summer you” to “school you” much easier.
  3. Join an intramural team
    Not everyone is a Wildcat star athlete like Troy Bolton, but everyone is cut out to be a star intramural athlete. 
  4. Attend a home game
    You don’t have to be the world’s biggest sports fan to enjoy going to a game. But it’s a fun way to show off your school pride and spend time with friends and classmates. 
  5. Learn a new language & study abroad
    You won’t get the opportunity to travel the world like you do when you’re in college. It’s a memory you’ll never forget, and a price tag you’ll never regret.
  6. Land a summer job or internship
    You should do this because real-world work experience is a great resume builder. Who knew. 
  7. Make the dean’s list this semester
    Making the dean’s list sounds challenging, but if you can manage your time and stay organized it’s actually pretty easy. It’ll feel great to be validated for your work at the end of the semester, trust us. 
  8. Pull an all-nighter at Willy T’s
    It’s a requirement to graduate … well, not really. BUT it’s definitely a pinnacle experience for every college student. 
  9. Eat everything you can at the dining hall at least once
    You won’t have this metabolism forever, so you better make the most of it now.
  10. Try out a new workout class at the Athletic Center
    Gym memberships are pretty cheap when you’re in school. Gym memberships as an adult are crazy expensive. Make the most whatever discount you can now. 
  11. Take frequent naps
    Outside of college, the next time it’s socially acceptable to frequently nap is when you’re 70+ years old. 
  12. Participate in one school tradition (like DanceBlue or burning something on state street)
    You won’t regret it being apart of a school tradition and creating a memory, but you will regret not doing it. 
  13. Volunteer for the Big Blue Move (freshman move-in day)
    Freshman move-in day for upperclassmen is a day usually not associated with actually helping freshmen move into the dorms, but it should be (at least once). It only takes a few hours and helps new students (and their parents) feel more at home on the campus. 
  14. Join a student org
    Making new friends as an adult after graduation is difficult to say the least. But if you join an org now, you’ll meet new people with similar interests. Those people will probably become your lifelong friends. Plus, being in different national orgs will give you networking opportunities you wouldn’t have had access to before. 
  15. Live off-campus for a year
    You’ll be way more prepared to live on your own after graduation than if you were in the dorms all 4 (or 6) years. 
  16. Participate in Homecoming week activities
    If the only homecoming week activities you’ve ever participated in involved Whiteclaws and tailgating, you’ve been missing out. Your school puts on a bunch of different events to build school spirit for one week out of the school year, and that’s it. 
  17. Get to know your professors
    You can do this by chatting after class or going to office hours. If your professors know you, they are more likely to write you a letter of recommendation, endorse you on Linkedin, or help you understand coursework.
  18. Grab a coffee from Willy T’s and find “your spot” on campus
    Being able to have a place on campus to call your own is a great way to make campus feel more like a home away from home.
  19. Take a class that you’re actually interested in and isn’t a required class for your major
    College is supposed to be the best 4 (or 6) years of your life. But it doesn’t always feel like that when you feel like you have no say in the classes you take. Do something for you and try something new, just for the fun of it. 
  20. Do a stereotypical college spring break trip
    It’s no surprise that student life can be stressful, and sometimes you just need a break … a spring break if you will. Taking a stereotypical spring break trip is a great way to put the school year on pause and enjoy being young.

Didn’t see something that you think should be on the list? Drop a comment below, and we may add it to the list for your fellow Wildcats.

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