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Top 5 Notable UDel Alumni


Many now-famous individuals have passed the iron gate at UDel (flickr)

College is a scary place full of doubts and terrors. Questions strike you in the middle of the night, jolting you upright in bed as you hit your head on your roommate’s bunk above you (and scaring him awake in the process): Do I live in the dorms or find University of Delaware off-campus housing? Did I choose the right university? Should I just drop out and become a waiter at Chili’s down the street?

If you’re attending the University of Delaware, don’t put on your server apron just yet. You’re in the right place, and it might help to know that hundreds of notable people asked themselves the same questions when they were in your shoes. Take a look at some of the many UDel success stories below to help calm your creeping college woes.

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How To Park At UW Milwaukee


The average windshield of a UWM student (flickr)

You’ve been there before: there’s ten minutes to get to class at UWM and you’re looking for free parking. And why wouldn’t you? If you paid for parking five days a week for four years, it’d cost around $10,000. The problem is, finding free parking at UW Milwaukee is pretty much like finding a unicorn on June 34th.

The good news is that this isn’t a new problem. Over the years, students have researched everything from secret spots to police ticketing patterns.

They’ve figured out the best places to park, as well as what not to do when parking.  A lot of students even base their entire UWM off-campus housing process around how quickly they can walk to campus. We’ve gathered some of their secrets and shared them here.

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