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Property or landlord? Which is more important when looking for searching for a place to rent? Trick question, they’re both equally as important. Finding housing can be quite the task, but when it comes to finding the right landlord, you shouldn’t have to settle. So, how do you know if you’re signing a lease with a good landlord? After the initial walk-through of the property, you normally find yourself having to make the decision of whether or not you’ll be signing a lease with them. One meeting isn’t enough to help you define whether or not they’re the right fit for you, so it’s important to get online and do your research and read the fine print in your leasing contract. Like they say, it’s all in the details, so if something catches your eye, ask about it. To aid you in your search, we’ve included a list below of the top rated landlords in the Murfreesboro area to help you find the right landlord for you.

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Beztak Properties (4.3)

As the number one rated landlord in the Murfreesboro area, Beztak properties knows how to take care of their tenants. Although relatively expensive, the money is well-spent with a variety of amenities and other property and community features. In addition, the staff goes the extra mile when it comes to providing excellent service to all residents by being friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable when addressing concerns. This is a landlord that sets the bar on service. With exceptional upkeep and ability to take care of tenant concerns in a friendly and professional manner, this landlord is one that really knows how to keep their tenants satisfied.

” A very nice place to live. The staff have been nothing but kind and helpful, and the apartments themselves are lovely and full of amenities. It is a little on the pricey side, but in this instance, you get what you pay for. Would highly recommend to others looking to relocate.”


Michelson Realty Company, LLC (3.8)

If you want a landlord that will treat you like the only resident they have to care for, you’ve come to the right place. Michelson Realty Co., LLC is a landlord that truly sets the bar for how staff should interact with tenants. With such personalized service, tenants are well-cared for and problems are resolved in a timely and professional manner.

“From day one, the staff at Carrington Park have made it feel like I am their only resident. Whatever small issues I have had have been addressed quickly, professionally, and the solutions have always satisfied my needs. The fantastic location is perfect for young families starting out and is only minutes away from the best shopping in the city! I highly recommend this complex based off of its cleanliness, friendliness, affordability and location. Carrington Park should be your next home!


Aspen Heights (3.5)

Aspen Heights is impeccable when it comes to resolving tenant’s concerns. With a professional and friendly staff, any issues are addressed and promptly carried out by the maintenance team. Whether you have concerns about roommates or about your unit, the management team is sure to provide you with the necessary information and service to help you resolve your issue as efficiently as possible.

“I’ve lived here for almost two years now and I love it! The staff is super nice and helpful. Any problems I’ve had, with roommates or maintenance, has been quickly solved. (They don’t get attitudes with residents like a lot of apartments do.) Pet-friendly and the wifi doesn’t suck! I love that the “apartment complex” feels like an actual neighborhood. Great for students because there is a shuttle to and from campus every thirty minutes! Overall, a wonderful place to live!!


Freeman Webb Company (3.5)

Freeman Web Company offers residents with an exceptional staff that accommodates tenant needs through timely maintenance fulfillments and a knowledgeable management team to help answer any questions you may have in regards to your residence. In addition, this landlord goes above and beyond to not only provide tenant’s with an exceptional staff, but they also pride themselves in giving their resident’s the full experience through a variety of social events and mixers each month.

“Colony House is awesome. The management company has made some phenomenal changes to the community within the last few years! The people that live at Colony House are a great group of people!!!! Several recent additions are the C.A.R.E.S. team, which are the group that plans the many Resident mixers each month, the addition of some cool new programs such as Community Rewards and continuing cosmetic improvements. Colony House is a great community, and honestly, the Residents living there truly make it wonderful.


Peak Campus (3.4)

This landlord has such a positive management team that the staff is actually mentioned by name in the reviews. With management that is helpful, friendly, and open to creating more personal relationships with tenants, residents get the best of both worlds; having a professional team that will swiftly take care of issues and also a team that genuinely cares about any problems you may be experiencing. With this dynamic duo, this management company is one to be rivaled with.

“I’ve been living at College Grove Apartments for over a year now. I can honestly say every time I go to the office I have a great experience. Being a college student that’s originally from four hours away, I must say the staff makes it feel like home. You’re able to build a personal relationship with the staff especially Kirkland and Jenny (my personal experiences). They care about your problems and do a great job getting them resolved in a timely fashion. I would advise anyone to live here, there is no better place to be than College Grove Apartments.”


MMC Properties (3.4)

This landlord is dedicated to the improvements of their properties. With continual updates, the upkeep of the properties is impeccable. With a team that works quickly to make repairs to the property, residents hardly know they’re there before the project is complete. No more worrying about being woken up by the sound of the hammers on the side of the house, this team does an exceptional job of working quickly and efficiently.

“We have lived here for over 3 years and we LOVE it here! The apartments are in a central location to everything in Murfreesboro. The exterior of the apartments have been updated and improved! New outdoor lights and windows have really allowed our electricity to go WAYY down. We once were packing for a trip to leave early the next morning and it got so late we fell asleep before finishing… left open all of our doors and trunk full of luggage and NOTHING was harmed, all night! The owners have been working super hard to make improvements and it has been great! I never feel unsafe or unhappy. If you are looking for a deal in the Boro, this is the best bang for your buck!”


Bell Partners, Inc (3.4)

With a personable staff, this is a landlord that helps to create positive relationships with tenants to create a smoother leasing process. When applying to their properties, you’re given a property manager who is well-informed about the property and is able to respond quickly to any emails or phone calls. In addition, they help to alleviate some of the stress associated with the leasing process by keeping the consistency of having the same property manager every time you call. Not only does this help to expedite the leasing process, but it also helps to build stronger relationships between the management team and current/future residents.

“I was BLOWN away at how personal the staff was with me, and the application process has been smooth and harmless. Ashli even sent me a personal email right after I left, AND she’s the only one that I dealt with – I love that I wasn’t just passed around to whichever staff was available. It helped the process go quicker because I didn’t have to keep re-explaining myself. Really looking forward to making this home!”


Vie Management (3.3)

With a recent change in management, this landlord has really upgraded its services! With a more organized and professional team, any issues brought to attention seem to be handled more smoothly and efficiently. However, efficiency isn’t their only priority. They truly care about the experience their residents have and want to make sure they feel welcome by creating more friendly and personal relationships.

“It’s a great place to stay! I lived here when they were under different management and everything was chaotic. Now that we have new management, everything is more organized and the managers are great. They are approachable, professional and always give me a good laugh to brighten my day!”


Lifestyle Communities (3.3)

This landlord offers a team of both professional and friendly staff. When given a concern from their tenants, they are quick to respond and find a solution that works for them and the tenant. In addition, their maintenance team is golden when it comes to providing quality service to residents. With problems being addressed in a timely and efficient manner, the hassle normally associated with maintenance issues isn’t a hassle at all.

“Great community! I mainly chose this place because it is VERY dog-friendly, and I have a little pup at home. After moving in, I’ve been nothing but satisfied! The office staff is so kind! Maintenance requests have been rare, but when needed, maintenance is always quick and efficient.”


Continental Property Management (3.3)

If you’re looking for a landlord that takes pride in the state of their properties, you’ve come to the right place. With a maintenance team that helps with the upkeep of the properties, you can be sure that you’re signing on with someone who wants to give you a great living experience. With a professional management staff, problems are resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.

“I moved into Nottingham to go to MTSU. The apartment was very clean and I have been very happy here since I moved in. Anytime I have a maintenance issue they come up the same day and the office staff has always been professional and nice to me. I would highly recommend this apartment complex to anyone. Great value for the price!”

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