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Finding Your First Apartment: Milwaukee

Finding your first apartment is a nerve-racking experience. Whether you are just starting off college or simply moving to a new city, each area has its own unique tricks to finding your perfect place. While there are many UWM off-campus housing options to choose from, there are important details to consider that help narrow down the decision pool. Among these are price, area, utilities included, and also nearby amenities.

Finances: What can you expect to afford in Milwaukee?

One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for an apartment in Milwaukee is your price range. Before you begin, you should sit down and figure out how much you can afford to spend every month and then don’t forget to leave an amount to pay your initial security deposit. Costs to take into account are rent, groceries, utilities not included in your rental agreement, and extracurriculars since Milwaukee is home to a large bar scene, has a beautiful beach on Michigan Lake, a vast park system, and hosts many exciting events throughout the year.

Rent is one of the biggest costs of living to consider and it fluctuates depending on what type of apartment you are looking at (studio, 1 bedroom, duplex, etc.), area, and amenities included in your rental agreement. Milwaukee apartments can cost between $500 and $700 a person per month. Proximity to UWM, MATC, MSOE, and Marquette University can also affect the price of your apartment. Many apartment leases do not include electricity and some also exclude internet or charge extra on top of rent.

Area: Where should you live?

Milwaukee is a big city that has many different areas to find an apartment in. The different universities are all around different areas. The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee is located on Milwaukee’s upper east side. The neighborhoods surrounding UWM are Shorewood, the Upper Eastside, the Lower Eastside, and Riverwest. The Milwaukee School Of Engineering and Milwaukee Area Technical College is around the Upper Eastside and Downtown. Marquette University is in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee. Researching each neighborhood is always a good idea before you decide.

Looking: What to look out for.

While you are searching for your apartment in Milwaukee, be sure to keep an eye out for things included in the rental cost and things that are not. The biggest costs to look for are heat, cooking gas, electric, internet, and if the facility has on-site laundry. Before you sign a lease, read it over carefully because some landlords will try to slip in a clause that you do not need to sign on with. If you are questioning anything in the lease you can search for the Tenants’ Rights Handbook.