Best University of Oregon Food Trucks ?

If you’re just arriving at the University of Oregon, you should know that a huge part of the UO experience is ordering from one of its famous food trucks. Think about it: is there really anything that screams “college” more than a six dollar plate of fresh chicken and waffles that’s been sold to you from the trunk of someone’s car? We didn’t think so, either. The only problem is, with so many food trucks to choose from, how are you going to find your fix?

Don’t worry: Rent College Pads has you covered. When you’re not spending your time looking for University of Oregon off-campus housing, read our list of the top food trucks in Eugene, Oregon below.

Buck Buck

We weren’t kidding about the chicken and waffles. There really is a chicken and waffles food truck in Eugene, and it really does sell six dollar meals. One of their most popular menu items is their fried chicken biscuit, which combines a crispy piece of generously sauced chicken with two flaky biscuits to create the sandwich of your college dreams. They’ve got classic chicken dishes as well as more outlandish plates, including the Nashville Hot Chicken (a spicy plate that’s topped in sliced pickles) and the Chicken and Waffles with marionberries and blueberries.


What is kava? What does it taste like? And where can I get some? Slow down and let us help you! All of these questions can be answered by swinging by Lovakava, one of Eugene’s healthiest cafes that also supports a thriving food truck. Kava, one of their signature drinks, is a traditional drink made from a specific shrub root and consumed in places like Polynesia and Hawaii.

The drink is supposed to have natural health benefits, and it’s also a natural psychoactive and relaxant — and although it’s non-alcoholic, it’s supposed to help take the edge off in a similar way (without the nasty hangovers the day after). If you’re not a fan, you can always try their other products, which include kombucha, specialty pastas and more.

Bacon Nation

That’s right. It’s a nation now. Bacon’s taking over, and you’d better be ready for it. Bacon Nation offers a variety of delicious bacon meals, but you’d be wrong if you thought that was all their menu offered. They serve briskets, ribs and lots of other delicious meat meals, and although they’re in the fast food business, they believe in slow-cooking their food to perfection.

Jitterbug Java

When you’re in college, having coffee on the go is important. If you want to make it to class and stay awake through it too, you need your morning joe fast (and preferably cheap). Jitterbug Java is the notion of fast coffee taken to the extreme: like other food trucks, their operation is completely mobile, serving students where they need it most.

They’ve got all the classic drinks that you’re sure to know and love, like espresso, lattes, mochas and more, but they have items for the more adventurous coffee drinker, too: mocha milkshakes, Mexican mochas and (yes, we’re not joking about this) “blended infused Red Bull.” Try it at your own risk, UO students.

Every Day Kine Grindz

Welcome to the Hawaiian Holy Grail. Every Day Kine Grindz is a local favorite, hailed by Eugene residents and University of Oregon students as “the best Hawaiian food Eugene has to offer.” They’ve got all the fast Hawaiian classics, like teriyaki chicken, lomi-lomi salmon and mac salad.

The truck itself is unassuming, but the food definitely isn’t. If you need some delicious pacific cuisine in your life and the rest of your options just aren’t measuring up, stop by Every Day Kine Grindz.

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