mizzou neighborhood guide A Guide to Neighborhoods Around Mizzou

Maybe you’re a long time Columbia resident who is excited about getting your first apartment or house in the areas that always seemed so cool when you were growing up. Or maybe you’re a journalism grad student who just got into one of the best schools in the country and you need to find a place to live without the benefit of having visited the city before. We don’t know who you are, but we want to help you find the best Mizzou off-campus housing .

Your situation will determine what’s most important to you when looking for a place to live. We have a general idea of different situations facing students at Mizzou, so we’ve scouted out the locations around Mizzou and put together a guide to make your apartment search a little bit easier.

Douglass Park:

College students and recent graduates populate a majority of the area, which makes for a lighter atmosphere. Douglass Park has many rental units available to students at a bargain price. For students, there is typically only a 12 minute walk to campus.

Who Lives Here?: Students who are in their first house or apartment.

North Village:

This isn’t called the “Arts District” for any old reason. With multiple art studios and entertainment hot-spots populating the district, there is no excuse for the art lover to not find something that appeals to them. Take in a Jazz concert, grab a drink or even watch Columbia’s finest artists hard at work, no matter what, this district covers any art lover’s palate. And it’s just a 3 minute drive or 20 minute walk to campus.

Who Lives Here?: A social group of the artistically inclined.

Flat Branch:

Locals around the area will tell you that this area is becoming the most popular place in “The District.” Students and locals alike love eating at Flat Branch Pub & Brewing, along with The Candy Factory. Any bikers or hikers out there? Flat Branch is the district for you. Exercise lovers can take the KATY Trail’s MKT Spur right into The District. It’s a great way to check out the latest happenings around Flat Branch.

Who Lives Here?: Bros who love to ride their bike to the bar.

West End:

The district that’s home to great ragtime legend John William “Blind” Boone and the Second Baptist Church. A little further from campus, residents of the West End won’t find many of the bar and nightlife activities to keep them busy, but they may find a slightly more adult place to live. Since the West End borders the Government District, it is filled with government parking lots, which helps it remain quiet after hours. But since it’s not far from Flat Branch, it won’t be too long of a trip for you if you’re looking to get out at night.

Who Lives Here?: Students who are over the party scene.

Avenue of the Columns:

The avenue boasts Columbia’s famous columns along with numerous banks, eating establishments, government buildings and Mizzou campus offices. Many upgrades have begun to the area to help make the overall experience of the district more enjoyable for students and visitors. The upgrades proposed for the area are geared towards drawing in more people to the area and making the overall appeal more attractive for pedestrians.

Who Lives Here?: Students who want to be near campus, but aren’t interested in partying every night.

Broadway Street:

Whether you are in a shopping or eating mood, you can find just about anything your heart desires on Broadway street. From the Columbia Mall to the Museum of Art and Archaeology to The Candy Factory, no matter where you look, there is something for everyone. For those that love the nightlife in Columbia, choose from one of the 18 different establishments that are sure to wet your whistle and help you dance the night away.

Who Lives Here?: Those who are over 21 and loving it.

The Strollway:

A place that is always booming with the latest fashion and food trends. Residential spaces are traditionally located on the upper levels of historic buildings in the district. Ninth and Broadway are the hot-spots for anyone that loves shopping. A vast majority of the district has been remodeled and still continues to have more parts of it revamped in the coming years.

Who Lives Here?: Students who love the latest fashion and food trends.

To find off-campus housing for rent, check out our Mizzou campus page.

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