North Campus at Michigan: The Neighborhood, The Myth, The…Place Few People Really Want To Be

2019 North Campus Snowfall

For most wolverines, North Campus at the University of Michigan is an urban myth: a place they’ve heard of, but have actually never even seen. North Campus is basically Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster. As a freshman opening your dorm assignment, it’s the one place you pray and cross your fingers that you don’t end up. Unfortunately, you’re not Harry Potter and no matter how many times you say, “not North Campus,” the Sorting Hat can’t get out of this one. Though many try, only few are lucky enough to get off the waitlist and moved to coveted Central Campus. 

Although, that’s not to say it’s all bad. If you’re an engineer, art, or music major then North Campus is the perfect place for you. Want to check out what’s going on up in North Campus? Check out our University of Michigan map page and find North Campus apartments near the University of Michigan.  

North Campus Location and Who Lives There

If you enjoy nature, then North Campus is the place for you! This area is known for its picturesque scenery and wildlife that roams the neighborhood. With rolling hills, and being set at away at a further distance from Central Campus and Downtown Ann Arbor, North Campus is a true escape for students who prefer a quieter environment. 

North Campus is home to Michigan Engineering, the College of Architecture & Urban Planning, and school of Art & Design, Music, Theatre & Dance. Due to its proximity, the North Campus neighborhood is perfect for students who are enrolled in any of those programs. For those students who are not, let’s just say your daily commute certainly won’t be as short. Traveling to classes in Central Campus will tack on some time (around 20 minutes or more), especially if you are walking. Students can take the campus shuttle for free, but realistically, by the time you wait for the shuttle and walk to class it’s nearly the same amount of time as walking. Biking is probably the fastest way to campus and students can join the bike rental program if they don’t bring their own.  

Things to Do in North Campus

Although far from most things on campus and Downtown, North Campus does have its perks by being near a lot of Ann Arbor parks, and the Leslie Woods Nature Area. Michigan students living in this neighborhood are also not too far several local restaurants like Cardamom, The Songbird Cafe, and everyday tasks are made easy from the area grocery stores and banks. The neighborhood is made up of a mix of apartments and houses, rangining if all different sizes, offering different amenities. 

If you’re a student looking to be set away from the whole “college scene”, or you attend one of the schools named above then North Campus is an ideal neighborhood for you. If you (like most UM students) don’t meet that criteria then avoid North Campus at all costs!! 

Interested in living in North Campus and need a headstart? Check out this University of Michigan North Campus rentals. To help you even further, here’s a list of more University of Michigan and Ann Arbor rentals and landlords:

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