Purdue Off-Campus Housing: Ten Top Rated West Lafayette Landlords

Your average college student has a lot of stuff to worry about. Should they bite the bullet and take that 8 am class to have a free Friday? Can they balance a social life, work, and sleep and do well in school? Will my debit card be approved after I buy this 12-pack of Ramen noodles? The worries and wares are there for the college student, so Rent College Pads is here to take the worry out of the most important struggle, finding a place to live near Purdue University.

Cochran Builders and Apartments

The Cochran apartments are located mere steps away from the Purdue campus so you can’t blame your commute when you show up late to classes. The Cochran staff want the living experience to be as student friendly as possible, and because of that you can deal with all your payments and maintenance requests online. If that isn’t enough for you, the community page listing events for fellow tenants might just hook you in.

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Great service, great timing, great prices for apartments, easy to understand processes and leases, definitely check them first before any other realty in Purdue.

Morris Rentals

The versatility and convenience of Morris Rentals has pleased countless Purdue students and alumni throughout their history. The company offers your choice of an apartment or house with a bunch of different floor plans available, so if it’s just you flying solo, they got you covered, if it’s you and a few buds, they got you covered. Morris also has you covered when it comes to transportation as you are located in close proximity to campus and also right by a bus line. How neat is that?

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Morris is the best rentals company in WL! Their prices are very good and you get a 3 year price freeze. They offer online rent payment as well as other methods. The maintenance staff is fast and helpful. They are also very flexible and reasonable

Faith West Student Housing

Faith West is a residential community minutes north of the Purdue campus. It is to be noted that the community enters a covenant in order to be free from the excess of the college experience. While this will turn off some students, it can be a God send (no pun intended) for others. They call themselves Purdue’s premiere student residency with a purpose, if you’re down with that, definitely check these guys out.

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What’s different about this housing compared to any other? Not a ton at a surface level. It has sweet workout facilities, a gym, and a nice study lounge with private study rooms as well. But what really stands out is the interaction you have with other residents who can quickly and easily become good friends. The staff are cool and easy to get to know and some of the residents work as Resident Life Coordinators to organize laid-back events monthly and spontaneous stuff even more frequently (which generally includes free food, WOO!) Best place I’ve lived in the Lafayette area while going to Purdue. (Lived in dorms, another apartment and here.)

Hilltop Apartments

The Hilltop Apartments have been up over 70 years so it’s safe to say they’ve seen a lot of stuff. The cozy apartments located right on the campus of Purdue offer you the freedom of living with you friends along with the convenience of being sanctioned by the university. The events going on year round will help you enjoy your living experience and feel more connected to the campus. Check out Hilltop where they want you to succeed in school and in life.

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A 5 star rating with the caption “It’s aight”

Purdue Village

Purdue Village is a globally inclusive community for single grad and family residents that provides opportunities to meet and interact with others from around the world. Purdue Village is a safe, affordable housing choice you’ll want to continue to call home away from home – close to classes, bus lines, labs and all campus activities. Plus, it’s called Purdue Village. Live there.

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Quiet, clean, green , in the heart of the campus, the best place to live in Purdue

Titan Property Management

Whether you want to live right on campus, by the football stadium or in the heart of downtown, Titan Property Management has you covered. The range of available housing students is sure to satisfy even the goofiest goober. Featuring an online tenant portal and maintenance FAQ’s, the Titan Property is there for you.

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I love my rental house with Titan! The move in process was very easy and they helped ensure my move in was stress-free. Maintenance has had a reasonable response time in the year I have lived in my home. I love the convienece of paying my rent online and the fact that Titan accommodated my 100 lb dog!


The Weida apartments are owned and operated by Purdue Alumni so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about college living. With a dedication to provide quality and affordable living for 40 years, Weida is one of West Lafayette’s best. Also, they have a really cool owl logo that’s similar to Drake’s clothing company so that alone is on point.

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What stuck out to me about these apartments is the location. I really like where it is, also they are really quick to response to any problems or concerns. I would suggest this place to others, especially college students because of the convenient of the location.

Granite Student Living Center

The Granite Student Living team is dedicated to excellence by using sturdy principles that are hard like a rock, like marble or even GRANITE. With 95+ options near campus and in West Lafyette, Granite warrants your attention. Also, they have a banana mascot, because they’re a very “apeeling” place to be. Alright, we’ll stop, just read this review.

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They do a great job at being flexible and responsive. I love the enthusiasm of the reps when I go into the office. I haven’t had any complaints when working with Granite.

Fuse Purdue

Fuse brings a brand of modern and stylized living to West Lafayette. Offering a residential quad, fitness center and media lounge and library. Fuse is loaded. It’s also nearby local grocery stores but, wait, there’s a Full Grocery store located on the ground floor along with a CVS, Subway, and Jimmy Johns. If you think Jimmy John’s delivers fast, just wait until they’re in the same building as you. Check out Fuse for hype student living.

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The amenities and features are very thought-out here, and I love that a grocery store, fireplace lounge and designer luxuries are included.

The Avenue North/South

The Avenue West Lafayette is a high-quality student housing community designed around Purdue University students, in a convenient location just minutes from campus.

Enjoy a spacious apartment in your choice of settings, each offering a complete lifestyle including fitness centers, indoor basketball courts, pools & hot tubs, creative space, social events, direct bus service to Purdue and new Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit.

With Internet that fast, you’ll be able to watch a ton of Netflix and listen to Spotify while you live in your dope new pad. With accommodating floor plans and lease agreements, the Avenue should be up your alley.

Our favorite review

Love living here! I did roommate matching, and it worked out perfectly. Terry, who works in maintenance, is a really great guy. He responds to work orders very quickly, and fixes everything right the first time. You don’t find many people like him working in maintenance at other complexes in West Lafayette.

And there you have it, West Lafayette’s premiere places to live based off of their Google review scores by fellow students who have been there before. Now get your friends together, and set up some showings. Or you can go by yourself if you’re into studio apartments.

If your interested in seeing all of the housing options near Purdue off-campus housing , check out our listing page!

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