Aggieville: Manhattan’s College Neighborhood That Sleeps Until 10 Minutes Before Class Starts


Just blocks away from Kansas State University is student hot spot: Aggieville. Whether you live in Manhattan, Kansas or you’re just in town to cheer on the Wildcats, Aggieville is THE place to be, and everybody in town knows it! Aggieville is more than just an entertainment district, it’s the place where the city of Manhattan gathers to celebrate and revel in their one common bond, their Wildcat pride! Aggieville is full of wonderful shops, restaurants, and bars! If you go here, you already know about, and if you’re ever in the neighborhood make sure you make a stop to this infamous district. Want to live off-campus in Manhattan near Aggieville? Check out these Aggieville rentals.

Aggieville History and Location

In the 1800s, Aggieville didn’t quite look like it does now. Obviously. In the 1800s, dirt roads paved the way to Kansas State, and for miles, all you could see were fields and some houses scattered around. While your struggle is getting your phone to connect to wifi, at this point, a major inconvenience to students was having to take a buggy ride downtown to the bookstore. In 1899, a group of students along with this guy named Joseph “Guy” Varney opened Varney’s Bookstore (which sadly closed its doors a few years back) on Moro Street, which paved the foundationf Aggieville.

Fast-forward over 130 years and, today, Aggieville is a thriving shopping and entertainment district geared towards Kansas State students. As the state of Kansas’s oldest shopping district, Aggieville has over 100 shops, restaurants and bars. Aggieville, which is six square blocks, is literally just minutes southeast of the Kansas State University campus. Several apartment complexes surround the area, but here, you’ll find mainly houses that students rent, many of which have been renovated over the years. Since Aggieville is so close to campus, the majority of students walk and bike to class. 

However, sometimes walking after a whole night of cramming for an exam is tough, and during those brisk winter months it can be dreadful. Never fear, the ATA (Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency) is here! Students and faculty can just flash their K-State id and gain access to free public transportation across campus. For details and routes you can check out their site here

Things to Do in Aggieville

On any given night of the week, you can catch students hopping around to one of the many bars Aggieville has to offer, and I’m certain you can find a bar that suits you! If you’re a hipster looking for some live music I hear O’Malley’s Alley is the place for you. Aggie Lounge, which happens to be the oldest bar in Aggieville, is the town’s classic dive where everyone seems to know everyone and you just get that homey feel instantly. With two bars and two outdoor patios, Rusty’s Last Chance is the largest of all the bars, which is perfect for big groups!  Auntie Mae’s Parlor, a prohibition era speakeasy, is a popular choice to enjoy strong drinks nightly or get table service on the weekends. For all of you practicing your dance moves in your bedroom mirror, it’s time to bust them out at Tubby’s, which is just the place to go if you want to dance the night away. Besides a dance floor, Tubby’s has beer pong set up and you can drink the popular AMF which is a combo of vodka, rum, tequila, and Blue Curacao (I can literally feel the hangover while reading that). You’re a college kid, and Kite’s Bar totally gets you’re ballin’ on a budget, so they’ve got you covered with $2.50 pounders, a 16oz beer of their choice. So there’s a little, and I mean little, taste of the variety of bars that you can hit up when in Aggieville. The list could go on and on but I’ll stop. 

Even though Aggieville is the nightlife hot-spot of Manhattan, it’s not just about the bars that make it special! It’s about the mac and cheese grilled cheese that Varsity Donuts sells from their food truck after-hours, that makes it special. Before classes, you can pop over and get yourself a coffee and try out their creative donut flavors like funnel cake, peanut butter and jelly, and bacon! 

During football season the whole town bleeds purple to show their Wildcat pride! Before, during, and after each game, you can catch thousands of fans cheering on and celebrating a Wildcat win in Aggieville. Throughout the year, Aggieville plays host to Manhattan’s most popular events like the Little Apple New Year’s Eve Celebration & Ball Drop, K-State Homecoming Parade, and Fake Patty’s Day. The only day you’ll see the town turn from purple to green is for Fake Patty’s Day, which celebrated its 12th Anniversary this past March, draws in thousands to celebrate the famous holiday, and has even been ranked as one of the top parties in the nation. 

Aggieville is the perfect place for the top Wildcat student fan that wants to be near all of the action while still having the convenience of being close to campus. Need help getting started on finding your perfect Aggieville rental? Be sure to check out Kansas State Aggieville off-campus housing here, and to help you even further, check out our list below of Aggieville and K-State landlords and properties! 

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