Living in West Ames

Becoming familiar with the different neighborhoods in Ames will help to determine which neighborhood will be the best fit for you throughout your college years. If you’re familiar with the city of Ames, you’ve probably heard of Campustown-the mix-use area of Ames located just south of the ISU campus filled with housing, entertainment, nightlife and dining options. While a lot of Iowa State students do choose to reside in Campustown, West Ames has grown to house more and more ISU students each year. Interested in living off-campus in West Ames? Check out West Ames rentals here.

While there are good amount of single family homes, West Ames is primarily home to apartment complexes such as West Ridge, Pointe West, and The Madison. West Ames offers ISU students a bit more of a secluded and quieter lifestyle as compared to the hustle and bustle of Campustown living. Not to say that there isn’t a lot going on in West Ames, though! Residents will be a stones throw away from all that Ames has to offer. Within blocks you can dine at many of the popular restaurants like Cafe Milo, grab a drink at Westowne Pub, or challenge your friends to a round of bowling at Perfect Games. Besides all of the great entertainment and food options, West Ames residents are near several fitness gyms, gas stations, grocery stores and salons so taking care of your everyday needs in a breeze.

So you’ve decided on West Ames living, but what about getting to campus? It’s no secret that West Ames is a little further out and walking isn’t always ideal, especially for ISU students in the cold brutal winter months. With that being said, there are plenty of options on getting to class. If you opt out on bringing a car to college, a few of the apartment complexes offer free shuttle transportation throughout the day, but if you don’t have that luxury never fear! The CyRide (the Ames city bus system) has multiple stops, and routes, in West Ames and it runs right on campus. As a bonus and a great way to save money, all ISU students get free transportation on the Cyride. Another way to get to campus, while also helping reduce your carbon footprint is riding your bike to class! Enjoy the scenery, season by season on Ames’ amazing 55 mile long inner-city trail system as you cruise to campus. Be sure to check out the different paths you can take to campus daily from West Ames!

To sum it up, West Ames is the perfect choice for the ISU student that wants the college lifestyle but also their own quiet time and breathing room. West Ames isn’t in the heart of it all, but it’s close enough to anything you’d want while being a little more relaxed.

Not sure how to get started? To help you out, we’ve put together a small list of top West Ames off-campus housing landlords and listings below. Be sure to also check out these popular West Ames rentals near Iowa State University! 

  1. First Property Management
  2. Jensen Group
  3. Haverkamp Properties 
  4. Professional Property Management

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