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The average college student has a lot of tough choices to make: Deciding which speech section they want to take, selecting which fraternity/sorority they want to pledge too, wondering what they’re going to wear (or when to show up for that matter) to the big football game and even choosing which filter they should put on that 2 a.m. Snapchat that’s headed back home towards their ex. All these choices might be important to the college lifestyle but none of them can make or break your experience like choosing a spot to live.

To help make that choice a little easier, we’ve decided to run through a list of real estate agencies and rental properties around the Clemson campus on Google maps and have selected the top 10 based on their star rankings and pulled out a few choice reviews for your reading pleasure. Oh, and by the way, choose the dog filter.

Tiger Properties

As a Clemson native, CEO Eric is extremely knowledgeable about the area and knows exactly what students are looking for when it comes to finding a place to spend their college year!  With his years of experience, he and his team at Tiger Properties can help you find your perfect pad at an even better price! From luxury apartment buildings to single family homes, Tiger Properties has an extensive and wide range of properties and has quickly risen to become one of the best property management companies in Clemson. Most of their properties are located just steps away from Clemson University or right on the CAT bus line, making your commute to class a quick and convenient!

Campus View

The Campus View apartments certainly aren’t lying with their name as they are right across the street from campus. These fully furnished two to four-bedroom apartments bring you as close to luxury living as you’re going to get while you’re enrolled in classes. The resort style pool, patio, and clubhouse will give you a ton of things to do when you’re not across the street deep in your studies. Which is perfect, since you did come here to learn right?

APM Clemson

The team at APM Clemson is dedicated to giving each student that chooses to call one of their properties home the best living experience they can possibly get! With numerous locations, any student can find a great property that fits their style without burning a hole in their pocket. APM makes it easy for Clemson students by helping them find roommates with their matching program and you don’t have to worry about collecting money from all your roomies since everyone is on an individual lease. To make things even easier, APM also offers utility packages so forget the hassle of paying multiple bills. Contact the team at APM and let them hook you up with a great place!

Foothills Property Management

Choosing to rent with Foothills Property Management means you’ll have plenty of options! The team over at Foothill have a number of properties catered specifically to the Clemson students. With a portfolio of apartments and townhouses, any student can find a place that fits their needs while still being affordable. Choose to live in a unit across the street, where you can literally roll out of bed and walk to class, or pick a place that’s a little quieter and secluded. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any place from Foothills Property Management!

The Gallery

Gallery isn’t just an app on your iPhone, it’s a stylish zen community (their words, not ours) that offers an alternative living style for Clemson students. The houses are contemporary-loft style apartments that are perfect to chill out in. Just imagine putting on that Dave Matthews vinyl and playing some hackey sack outside in the idyllic setting (our words, not theirs). You don’t have to imagine that if you’re a resident of The Gallery.

1st Clemson Rentals

Unlike the others listed above, 1st isn’t a single building but it’s a rental agency with a number of different properties located around the university. This can definitely be a good thing as you have a large number and variety and the chance to have your own house in a part of town that you want to live in. 1st Clemson pledges a responsibility to their properties and equally to their tenants. You’re going to want to get a group of friends to go in on these houses and get the ball rolling because when they open up, they close pretty quickly.

Orange Property Management

Orange Property Management offers a range of apartments and houses to students in Clemson. By choosing to rent with Orange Property Managment, you’ll not only be finding a great place to live, but you’ll also be supporting a locally owned company that are Clemson grads! As a student, worrying about housing problems is not what you need. The team at Orange Property Management will take the initiative to answer all inquiries promptly; customer service is their number one focus and they’re driven to provide the best living experience to their tenants!

The Ridge

The Ridge is a vibrant student living community featuring gorgeous two and four-bedroom units. But you’re going in alone and don’t have any friends, does this exclude you? Nope, they offer the best roommate matching in all of Clemson so hopefully, you can meet your BFF. They want to keep things easy on you so they make sure that an upgraded cable package and free WIFI is included in your rent. That means you can binge watch The Office instead of studying for your O-Chem midterm and not worry about paying Comcast. When you’re not on campus, you can chill out at the pool, float down the lazy river, play some sand volleyball or cozy up by the fire pit.

Clemson Lofts

The Clemson Lofts are the newest options in student housing in town. They offer gorgeous and spacious apartments with a ton of stuff to do while you’re not deep in a textbook. Check out the pool, free tanning, a 24-hr fitness center and you can put those ping pong balls you have in your room to good use and actually play ping pong instead of, uh playing water pong on Thursday nights with your roommates. They also offer up super-fast Wi-Fi to hold up to all your streaming, gaming and studying needs (because we all know you’d use Fiber optic powered internet to load iRoar faster. The modern comfort and all utilities included in the rent make this place a must visit.

University Village at Clemson

University Villages are a staple at most D1 schools and it’s no surprise why. It’s where all the parties go down on game day, it’s loaded with thousands of students and it has a ton of amenities so you don’t have to go far from home to find what you want. Clemson is no different. There are lounge areas, computer labs with printing, cabanas, pools and a ton of other dope stuff. Best of all? They’repett-friendly They offer either three or four-bedroom plans so either grab some friends or dig into the roommate matching.

There you have it, 10 of the best options for you to live in Clemson. Looking at these might help and be a good start but what you have to do is gather your friends (or go solo) and get out and set up some showings. We know how much college students like to procrastinate but this is one thing you simply cannot put off.


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